Register with us

In order to use Real Transfer services, you must first register with us, providing the sender’s original documents or certified copies and the recipient’s information. We transfer money to ALL of Brazil’s banks and to over 50 countries worldwide.

CLICK HERE for more information on the documents required.

* Always request a receipt for your transaction for verification purposes.

Once registered, money may be sent by means of an online transfer, bank deposit or by depositing money into one of our accounts.

The Bank of Ireland reserves the right to update all information on deposits the day after the transaction. If the deposit does not include the sender’s name or receipt number for reference purposes, senders must forward a copy of the stub or receipt by email or wait until the following day.

IBAN: IE20BOFI90382432922990

IBAN: IE17AIBK93743603945067

Transferring money online is quick and easy. All you have to do is add Real Transfer to your list of recipients before completing the transaction.
Note – Please include your name for reference purposes for all online transfers.
For deposits made through cash machines, please provide the name of the city where the deposit was made and the transaction number.