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Real Transfer Limited specialises in international money transfers and payments, using smart solutions to send money to multiple destinations. All of our exchange rate and international remittance activities are responsibly executed in strict adherence to our segregation of duties policy.

Based in the city of Galway, Ireland, Real Transfer performs worldwide operations with integrated solutions. Our solutions connect people and facilitate the integration of transfer processes, safe connectivity and the management of all financial operations.

Our system for registering operations makes taking on new customers and correspondents easy, eliminating vulnerabilities, reducing costs and creating competitive advantages supported by our exceptional services.

Real Transfer is committed to helping its customers succeed within the global economy by bringing communities closer together.

Our mission is to consistently provide results through rigorous risk control, operational discipline and absolute focus on preserving our customers’ capital, all while guaranteeing full strategic transparency and independent transactions.

Real Transfer does not develop activities that may represent a conflict of interest with its clients. We represent credibility, security and speed.

We represent credibility, security and speed.